Ultimate universal bump key set, 10 keys + 5 dampeners
  • Ultimate universal bump key set, 10 keys + 5 dampeners

Universal paired bump key set, 8 keys + 5 dampeners

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JMA U-5D (5 pin)

JMA U-5I (5 pin)

JMA U-6D (6 pin)

JMA U-6I (6 pin)

Shoulderless key version: No
Set type: Tag set
Set choice: 2 and 3


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This universal set consisting of 8 keys in total of universal keys needed for common cylinders.

Choose from depths, 1-2, 1-3 or 2-3

Then choose either a tag or a ring set.

Finally shoulderless or shoulders on.

If you would like a mixture of cuts please just add a note in your paypal payment or simply send us an email.

Designed for:
Arrone, Avocet, Basta, Bird, CES, Chavo, ERA, Eurospec, Gerda, Hiatt, Keypsafe, LSH, Merchant, Morgan, Patons, Roto, specialist, Sterling, UAP, Winkhaus, WMS, Yale, York, Zone and many more generic non branded cylinders.


Universal 5 pin set consist of 3 keys.

Universal 5 pin reversed set consist of 3 keys.

Universal 6 pin set consist of 2 keys.

Universal 6 pin reversed set consist of 2 keys.


Each key will be individually stamped to indicate the depth of the cut:

(Depending on your choice)

1 = Low (used for locks with long key pins, key pins can be as long as a 9 depth, common in older locks)

2 = Medium (used for locks with a mixture of key pins) Key pins can be as long as a 7 depth. (most common key)

3 = High (used for locks with short key pins, key pins can be as long as a 5 depth, common in newer locks).


5 pin keys cut from U-5D blanks or equivalent 


5 pin reversed keys are cut from U-5I blanks or equivalent


6 pin keys are cut from U-6D blanks or equivalent


6 pin reversed keys cut from U-6I blanks or equivalent


This set includes an ID tag for each key set (4 tags in total)



This set also includes 5 rounded dampeners to help reset the key for multiple hits.


 Video demo courtesy of waddac2 from uklocksport.co.uk

Video demo courtesy of Scousedave2 from uklocksport.co.uk


 Video demo courtesy of mech from uklocksport.co.uk


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