Master padlock, 6 pin M7000
  • Master padlock, 6 pin M7000

Master padlock, 6 pin M7000

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Shoulderless key version
Depth of cut


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Master padlock M-7000, 6 pin bump key.

Master Padlock

  • Various padlocks, including:
    • Pro Series with 6 Pin cylinders.
    • Most original Master padlock keys that are stamped 7000.

Choose your depth of cut:

Low, medium or high cuts (1, 2 or 3) on the drop down menu.

Default cut is medium (2) 


Cut from JMA MAS-2D blanks or Silca MS17 blanks


this key will also include an ID tag


Please note this bump key is cut from a nickel plated brass blank and as such will not last as long as the standard steel blanks

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