Please be aware you are obliged by the terms of service to show proof of your locksmith company to purchase any keys from us, failing to show proof when asked will result in your order being cancelled and a full refund given, refunds can then take up to 7 working days to complete.

We strive to cut all our keys on nickel plated steel key blanks made by JMA, please note that when JMA blanks are unavailable we will substitute those blanks without notice for either Silca or KeyLine blanks which are of the same high quality, unless stated within your order details that you only require JMA blanks.

(Some blanks are produced only in brass and normally highlighted on the product page, but if steel is a must please contact us before you purchase)

Equivalent blanks may be given without notice if your original order is out of stock, but will be the same profile and of high quality.


On average all orders will be dispatched after a period of two working days of payment, update emails are send to keep you apprised of the progress of your order, you can also login to your account for your update status.

Thank you for your business.

Steve Kearney

SK Locksmiths